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Life Transitions and Adjustment

Most of us do not like change. Especially if the change is one that is imposed upon us. For example, you get fired from your job or your best friend moves away. There are changes that happen in our lives that we welcome like starting a new job. Some changes we can easily adjust to and move on without much difficulty. And then there are those changes that leave us feeling lost and unable to cope. Throughout our lives, there are changes that come with certain phases of life such as marriage, having children, retirement and caring for elderly parents.

It is normal to feel confused, lost, angry and sad when these changes occur. Perhaps certain changes leave us asking bigger life questions such as “Who am I?” “Where do I go from here?” “What do I believe in?” It is difficult to know how to move forward when we are stopped in our tracks or thrown off our feat. Talking to someone can help us sort through our feelings and set goals for ourselves. As we begin to develop a different perspective, learn to access our own inner wisdom and develop a new sense of who we are, then we can navigate our way through the new terrain that has been laid before us.