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Relationship Challenges

All relationships go through their ups and downs. However sometimes people find themselves stuck in a negative pattern where there seems to be no way out. The most obvious kind of relationship where this happens is a couple relationship. Yet this can happen in almost any kind of relationship. Relationship conflict can deeply effect our mood and make it difficult to cope with everyday life.

Having a positive relationship can reduce stress and improve our overall health. When we are with someone we deeply care about, we have the freedom to be who we are. We feel safe, accepted, and nurtured. This allows space for us to spread our wings and grow. When we feel stifled or unappreciated in our relationships, this can negatively impact how we feel about ourselves.

Counselling can help by addressing issues such as communication, trust, commitment, respect and intimacy. Perhaps the goal of counselling would be to disrupt unhealthy patterns that keep repeating themselves. Developing a healthy relationship takes patience, time and effort. With the right kind of support, you can establish a relationship that is harmonious and nurturing.